Embroidered Promotional Giveaways

Everyone loves to get something for free. Custom promotional gifts will make your company booth the favorite at any convention. Embroidered gifts can range from embroidered polo shirts and hats to embroidered blankets and stadium seats. Your aim is to get all the foot traffic you can to your information booth and providing giveaways with your embroidered logo on them can draw a crowd and give you free advertising if you provide items that will be seen in public like backpacks, duffel and tote bags and even rolling suitcases that could be seen in airports all around.

Embroidered items are also great for company parties or tenure gifts. Employees can feel part of the team when wearing company embroidered t-shirts and love unique and useful gifts like robes, beach towels or aprons. Custom embroidered giveaways are useful promotional items and can draw attention to your company convention booth as everyone likes to receive free stuff.


Beadwork and Wholesale Beads

Beadwork or beading can be an artistic hobby to create jewelry. Novice beaders can make simple projects in less than an hour from the help of the internet. Different patterns, beadwork stitches, beading techniques can be found on many sites for free. Beading supplies can also be found on the internet. Beada Beada has fine quality beads to use in your beadwork or bead art.

Not only is Beada Beada a wholesale bead e-business, but there is also a real store location in Royal Oak, Michigan. Craft stores may have a small department in a corner of the store with strings of beads, but Beada Beada has the latest trends including, gemstone & semiprecious beads, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal beads, and squaredelles. The quality of their beads is such that necklaces, bracelets and rings can be made or purchased. Let your hobby turn into artistic gifts you will be proud of.

Just in Time Broadway Tickets!

“Broadway’s biggest blockbuster” according to the New York Times is Wicked .  It is based on the book by Gregory Maguire and is the untold story of how two girls (one green skinned) become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch of the North way before Dorothy ever made it to the Land of Oz. The show has fans raving and going over and over. The musical is on tour in many cities, and you can get Broadway tickets in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Fransico. When it reaches Salt Lake City, I’ll be purchasing Wicked tickets at Justintimetickets.

An Alternative to TicketMaster

Every time my “starving college student” son calls me he, tells me how poor he is, how much text books cost, and how he can’t even afford gas for his car. After about fifteen minutes of woes, he then tells me the latest concert he is going to. After hearing silence on my end, he then tells me, “but they are cheap concert tickets!” He also assures me that he doesn’t go on dates with girls, so he can afford to buy the lateast sports tickets. I on the other hand have to feed a family of six and wish I could splurge on a couple of theater tickets for my husband and me. The last time I bought tickets at TicketMaster they signed me up for a unwanted magazine subscription, because I missed unchecking a tiny box when I purchased the tickets.  Justintimetickets will be my next online resource to purchase all those wanted tickets and it’ll just have to be a priority in my life too.

Online Marketing:Where Change Is No Problem

In today’s economy and the shrinking success rate of small businesses, it makes even more business sense for small businesses or start ups to invest in small business online marketing. This method of marketing potentially reaches a more specific target while providing unlimited access to countless, prospective clients while the cost is a fraction of the alternatives.  Internet marketing companies are a growing useful tool for the small business owner.

Auto Transport Service-Balch Logistics

I recently purchased my dream car online, a black 2008 Nissan 350Z. After ordering it I was stuck with trying to find a dependable auto shipping company that I could rely on not to damage my brand new car. After some research I came across a great car shipping company, Balch Logistics. I went to their website and they provided me with great personalized car shipping quotes. I decided to use their auto transport services and I am so glad that I did. They were so nice to me and they were really easy to work with. I live a pretty hectic life and I do not have that much free time. They worked with me to find a convenient time for pick up and delivery. I was so worried while my dream car was being shipped to me, but they put me at ease by keeping me up to date throughout the move. My new Nissan 350Z was delivered to me in 7 days without a scratch on it. I loved their service and felt compelled to write a blog about them so that others who may be in the same situation that I was in can use their reliable auto transport services. They really impressed me and I would love to work with them again.